August 15th, 2008


Gratitude Project 2008

I left a sink of dishes when I left for work. I had the water drawn and bubbled with washing liquid and then choked madly when I took my Motrin. Love how I cannot swallow pills at my age ~ just hook me up to the morphine drip, damnit. Coughcoughcoughcoughcoughspuutercoughdie for five minutes. Then five minutes of sneezing. No, I do not know why when I cough from something trying to float to my lungs instead of my stomach, but every time it is coughcoughcoughsneezesneeze. You have no idea how lovely a partially dissolved Motrin feels right at the top of the windpipe. Think battery acid, with pins.

So ... I was a minute late for work, which is really about 11 minutes late since I was the opener. And the dishes sat. Water cold and showing no signs of bubbly goodness in rather a short period of time is my guess. Reach in that lovely puddle and swish around for the drain plug to refill and wash properly. And the hubster? Just did it. Not a word, not a question as to why. Just done when I came home from work. I am grateful for that. :-)