December 8th, 2007


Interesting emails I get anymore

I have been getting more SPAM emails than usual. I chalk it up to the holiday shopping I do online and the fact that I've purchased from a couple of places for the first time.

Anyhow .... I get this email tonight about some woman's Goddess masks being up for auction. Ok. I don't know the sender or the artist, but I do have a small collection of masks -- none of them Goddess. (And no desire really to get one as my masks are more tribal and ceremony related.) I click the link anyway, curious little bugger that I am, practically guaranteeing that I will receive many future emails, all based on my indiscriminate clicking.

Is it just me or do most of the Goddesses looked distinctly masculine? I just find most of them ... unappealing. Will not be purchasing.

If you are on the Do Not Call list for cell phones

Does that include text messages? It could be the guy just dialed wrong, but really - it reads like SPAM email and comes form a UK address.

Here is the text:


(Hey it's Roland) Red as a beet stokmarket Small-cap Profile is pround to show you UTEI, company-UTEC Inc (nanotech play)

Typos his.

Now, why text across the pond to a stranger? Do people really run off and pluck down good money because of an anonymous text tip?? If so, I want those people's cell phone numbers.