September 25th, 2007


Just shoot me

Yesterday we got a new computer system at work. Good-bye all paper except the receipts we print for the customers. Every three months all things get shredded except vision care signature captures. I was thrilled to get the new system and it is very intuitive, but hey - I like computers and use one outside of work. Others do not use one except at work and this system is wholly different from our old one.

BUT - 12 hours where the "lunch break" was considered 10 minutes to shove down one slice of cardboard like cold pizza? Ugh! Today is a bit better, It will be only 10 hours w/o a break. Only - ha! All of this learning would be fine, but it is much more stressful learning as you are trying to service a customer who expects a fairly timely transaction. Well, I guess "fairly timely" qualifies, but not as fast as it used to be. In fact, the portion that we spend with the customer will  never be as timely because prior we could let them leave as long as we had our essential measurements, fill in the paperwork out later, then key the order into the computer. Now, they cannot leave until all parts are done. However, the time-savings for us is huge! And of course, we'll get faster at the keying part - well, others will - I will always have to look at my fingers to key. :P~

Anyhoo .... I am starting the day tired and that is never a good thing. Is it Saturday yet??
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