October 4th, 2006


No push-ups today, Mum back in hospital

Sodium very low, vicodin screwing with her brain, too, right hip so bad couldn't get out of bed. Were at ER 1 week ago for said hip, only prescribed Vicodin, lots of incomplete and missed messages between her doc and her - more vicodin - bad combo. Ambulance took her after freind and neighbor checked on her when my daughter could not get ahold of her. Worked 10-9, then to hospital, now home. Actually it is 12:20, but backdated the entry for push-ups. Will make them up, but not today.

Need to fix her hip and find a way to control sodium loss. Fuck. Just fuck. May be sciatica with the hip, but who knows. Sounded slightly better with saline IV-ing into her. Really upped the stress level. Fuck.