October 2nd, 2006


Push-up challenge

From selyndria - ha, I am nuts. I asked my son (who works out) about doing 16 push-ups a day. "A breeze!", he said. "For anyone! Five hundred in one month", he continues, "Why? Who's doing that?" "Me, " I reply. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA,", he responds. "Oh." he ends.

So now I have a point to prove to him, too. Heh, makes the challenge sweeter the little smartass!

Not starting off well. Originally I was going to split them 8 and 8 and work up to doing 1/2 of them as boy push-ups and then all of them by the end of the month in big-boy style. Got up late for work yesterday - really late, go unshowered late - so I said it's okay, after dinner will be fine. After dinner, mum calls. She needs me to come over to read her med list and symptom list and what they said at the ER on Weds. (long story, did not post about it) about her having sciatica, then she wants to call her doc at home about it because she started leaving messages Thrus and it was Sunday and no call back. Long story short - 3 hours of sitting for no phone call back - again.

So no push-ups at all yesterday. So I did 32 this morning to make up. Never. Again. I will squeeze my 8 and 8 in no matter what. Tomorrow my arms will be crying like a baby. Oh - and surprise!! - I suck at even the girlie push-ups. I can keep my back straight, but I can't bend my arms very far yet. It's a start though. Baby steps.