September 16th, 2006


Gratitude Project 2006

Here's to Office Depot for having what I needed in stock! Some items are for my products for my vendor table at Spiritfest.The others are for wrapping up vendor confirmations and their returning the info for the program booklet. So it is good to have it, ready to go as soon as the checks get cashed (other rant that I'm not doing here) as time is winding down for mailings and returns and program design. Just seven weeks to go!

The neck, the back - jimminy crickets I'm too young for this!

Sitting on the floor, for hours, is stupid when you have arthritis. Here's the problem, you take your meds (we're up to 800mg twice a day) and you feel GREAT! So you sit on the wood floor, cross-legged and everything. You're so intent on printing your product labels accurately and prettily that yor mind pretty much completely disconnects from your body. You finish. You get up. Ha! Wrong wrong wrong, joke is on YOU! You attempt to get up. Sadly, you fail. GGgrrrrr. Stupid body.
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