August 24th, 2006


Gratitude Project 2006

Today I am grateful that I didn't throw my laptop out the window for going from 2 hours of battery power to none in 15 minutes. I was in the middle of saving the final copy of a project and it told me "no save, bitch", so I did it again and *POOF* black screen. This was followed by quite the black scream.

Plugged it in, rebooted, opened last saved and spent another half hour reformatting. (Had spent 3 and 1/2 hours already because I've never purchased a good program for formatting bookmarks and had to do it in a word processing program with columns that doesn't really recognize columns as seperate, and ......) As I'm almost done reformatting the cat tromps across the keyboard and changes the formatting. Ha. Ha. Fucking Ha.

It's saved, but I'm not going to Kinkos tonight, fuck it.

Wow, this almost doesn't read as gratitude. I'm grateful also for my patience as the laptop is whole, the cat is alive, the walls do not have fist holes, and all my hair is still attached to my head.