August 20th, 2006


Gratitude Project 2006

Today - I'm grateful for the stones I purchased at a stone show. I was mentally tallying as I went along and then said "Fuck it, get what you want and run the card through." I walked up to the gentleman who owned the stones and asked him to total my order. As he was about to I spotted a fairly large plastic wand in his hand - it looked like a decoration from a big cake or a big bouquet of flowers. Teasingly I said, "Aw, how come you always get the pretty one??" He asked me if I wanted it and I laughingly declined. He tapped each of my shoulders with the wand. He laughed, he totalled my stones, he cut the price by two thirds and I thanked him genuinely. He tapped my wallet with the magic wand then insisted I take the it. He said, "So, how many men have given you a big plastic wand?" Refraining from the obvious sexual retorts that flew through my mind I simply smiled sweetly and replied, "Why, you'd be the first!" I tucked the end in my front pocket of my jeans, said I'd never give it up because of the magic it worked out on my wallet and went out of the shop. Now, I know the stones are marked up, but they were marked and I picked some pricier ones anyway. It was nice to get a discount. I am grateful.

Also, the Dark Moon Rite tonight - I am grateful for that. It was wonderful. :-)