August 4th, 2006


Gratitude Project 2006

This is another hard day to maintain this, but here goes:

Today marks one year since the drowning death of my 19 year old nephrew Jonathan. It is a day of tears, yes, but I'm grateful for keeping his memory and spirit with me through my ancestor altar and through the "guest book" maintenance at, where family and friends have posted throughout the year of their memories of him and personal notes to him. Thank you, dear people, for not forgetting him.


We're (Spiritways CUUPs) once again hosting Spiritfest and the letters to previous vendors went out Tuesday. First response back today!! And it was a very excited response, too. W00t! We got good feedback from the vendors last year, but you never know they could have just been being nice, so YAY! We learned lots through putting that event on last year and many aspects are just that much easier this year because we know how to tweak them. So .... **happy dance**