March 22nd, 2006

let me out

Posted for pendamuse's amusement

Witnesses: Gun-Wielding Man On Downtown Building
Downtown Pittsburgh looked like a ghost town as police closed streets and removed pedestrians this afternoon after witnesses said they saw a man with a high-powered rifle on top of one of the buildings.


And no offense, Penda, but I prefer this one end without bloodshed, even if spree killings make a better story. :P~

Edited to add - HA! Stupid people. Word is some guys was shooting pigeons on the rooftops! Bwahahaha - idiot. We'll see if this story changes later, but the roads are reopened and life goes on in sleepy Pittsburgh. Me, I figured it was someone in costume taking a smoke break on the roof with his props. It *did* happen in the Cultural District afterall.