January 12th, 2006


Update kinda sorta, my future business

So that 7 hour/week commitment to furthering that reality went by the wayside over the holidays, but am back to it. Tonight was um 3 almost 4 hours on it. Have to get back to my structured learning, which is part of the 7 hour commitment, but not so much this week, eh?

I met some interesting and will be helpful in that future business women at a networking gathering tonight. Woot! Contacts! Whee! Four of us were to have lunch next week on Weds., but I work. I didn't have my schedule with me (which I mentioned not having) and had to wing it and winged it wrong. Either we 4 will reschedule, or I'll miss the lunch. Or, I'll see if I can come late to work that day, though right now the hours are needed. Grump!

I ordered business cards today. They are free (250) except for $6 S&H so it seemed a deal for now. Heh. Feeling good .......