pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2008

For sunny skies, good company, and delicious food. G, a member of my CUUPs group had an open house today for the holiday. I got to see all the landscaping he's done to his yard. Gorgeous! He has a moon garden. So pretty, white flowers. A meditation area with green plantings with a fountain that overlooks the Mother Earth garden with brown staturay. A Sun garden - lovely oranges, reds and yellows. ~happy sigh~ New shrubs just starting scattered here and there. Handcrafted cement decorative stones. all the areas are curvy and inviting.

His patio is Beautiful - he built it this summer, hand casting the stones with cement molds that he added color to to look not like cement. He rebuilt a wall, used the flagstone, turned it on its side and filled with cement. So creative and inspiring - all of his work!

We chatted with friends of his. Delightful and funny people. It was just a glorious afternoon to spend chatting, sharing food, and feeling swaddled by his creations.
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