October 30th, 2005


Oh, elfwreck

You were in my circle tonight! Sorta.

Backstory - we had a Reclaiming Priestess lead our Samhain rite. (It was AWESOME!) *happynekkispagandance* So loose, she was so great, the ritual was woven around and through us. She is one of those people who seems to lead naturally, effortlessly. Anyhow, when she was calling the center, she was naming it, describing it, and at one point called it "the creamy center of the twinky that is our world" - and I said (inside) "Elf! You're here!"

There were other funny, impromptu things she said. Mirth and reverence. Wonderful.

AND - she's moving back home (not here, but closer than now) after she finishes Divinty School and she'll be closer to us so we get to see her more and hopefully she'll lead us in some other rites. She's the best friend since forever of my favourite Trad Witch in the group! Woot!

Just had to share. :-)