pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Meme from estaratshirai

The rules -  you reply to this post, and I assign you a letter, and you post a list of ten things you like starting with that letter. Estara gave me "P".

Pamela - my first name. I thought it sssoooo boring as a child, but grew to love it as an adult.

Pistachio - loved for the flavor of the non-nut, now more so because of a new meaning given to it by ravenbait.

Pets - the kind you give, the kind you get, and the kind you keep as companions.

Peace - as in "and quiet". I value it immensely when I get it.

Pennsylvania - cool spelling, home state.

Pagan - obvious.

Pentacle - obvious, too, but if not - I have a necklace (or two), I trace it and I am centered. I think on it, and it makes sense. Aesthetically - I like the way it looks.

Persnickety - an absolutely lovely word that means the same as it sounds. I love words that do that.

Pompous - see above. And I love the phrase "pompous ass". It was a phrase my mum used in certain circumstances and when it was used it was always the perfect descriptor.

Pottery - lovely, amazing, skilled products of people with more talent than I have.
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