pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2008 - threefer

22nd - Grateful for online people who solved DH's computer issue so he quit being pissy - yay to friends on forums!

23rd - Grateful for my online friend who feeds my digital scrap kit addiction, though damnit I'm outa HD!

24th - Grateful to the NEW branch manager at the bank who straightened out all the issues with my CUUPs group's small business checking account. We opened the account in February and nothing ever got taken care of in spite of assurances and promises of (never happened) return phone calls. So - now, the mailing address is correct. The 3 peeps on the account should have their own debit card. We will get checks  - you know, those things we wanted the account for - at no charge because of the trouble. It took an hour in person, but it was worth it if the errors truly are corrected this time!
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