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Gratitude Project 2008 - Twofer again!

Yesterday - I was quite grateful for helpful souls brainstorming for vendors for the one fund raising event we hold for my CUUPs group! We have an additional ten possible vendors and that should fill out the rest of our space even if not all of them respond. It's a tough year for getting vendors for other events as well. Since to many of the vendors we contacted we are an "unknown" event, forking out even the wee amount we charge for space is a risk with our current economy.

Today - I am grateful for the coolness of Kev. He and his friends have gone all out for Senior week at band camp and it has been fun watching him dress the part each day. Today was western day. Yesterday was alternate personality day ~ they dressed as The Reservoir Dogs. Tuesday was opposite gender day. Seeing my son in the long skirt ..... lololol. His one friend though in the french maid's uniform? HAHAHAHA!
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