pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

I got nudged by pendamuse

Because I've not only been a lazy bitch by not updating, but I've not even been reading hardly at all here. To do a true update would take forever. I'll not do that. I've been more than a bit of a hermit, online and off. I went through a very dark time and am slowly coming out of it. Many things triggered it, a build up over the last two years with added new events. I don't think I've ever been in quite such a horrid place before, but it could just be my memory protecting myself by telling me that. :P~

Life is however looking brighter and I've got a tiny ounce of motivation back. A very tiny flame of motivation, but I am trying to fan it bigger without blowing it out (ha ha) and I expect to be much closer to my "normal" self by the end of summer. There is no way I will catch up on weeks and weeks of LJ posts (I've only randomly been reading a few), so if I missed any huge events in your life know that if it was a happy event you have my congratulations and if it was not a happy one you have my hugs.

I'll try as part of my renewing motivation not to be such a putz en ré LJ. I love you, Penda! This icon's for you ~ I know it makes you giggle.
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