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Swiped from elfwreck No new user free accounts on LJ

Can I use LiveJournal for free? What are the different account levels on LiveJournal?

Yes, you can use LiveJournal for free. LiveJournal has five account types: Basic, Early Adopter, Plus, Paid, and Permanent. All LiveJournal accounts can use LiveJournal core features, such as posting entries and comments, customizing journal appearance, and participating in communities. New accounts (created after March 12, 2008) may choose between Plus and Paid account levels. For additional features, you can purchase a Paid Account (benefits) or upgrade to a Plus Account (benefits). A feature comparison chart is available.


Notice how the "basic" is no longer a link?

Further down the page:

Basic Accounts

Basic Account is an option available to accounts which were created before March 12, 2008. No account created after this date can be turned into a Basic Account. Basic Accounts will not have any advertising displayed on their accounts, but will have fewer benefits and features. A Basic Account includes the following:


Lovely. http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=38&view=full
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