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For those not hooked up to the_wildhunt

The Telegraph reports on what seems to be a rather minor matter, a Pagan parent removing her child from school to attend a religious celebration.

"A primary school allowed a mother to take her child out of lessons to attend a summer festival because the family say they are pagans. Newington Green Primary, in the north London borough of Islington, gave permission for the three-day absence last June after the mother of the six-year-old argued that the child should be allowed to attend the celebrations because of her faith ... The family visited the solstice festival that is held each year in Avebury, Wiltshire, near Stonehenge."

But now a school officials says they are "clamping down" on absences, and hinting that Pagan holidays may not make the grade any longer.

"'The three days were put down as authorised absence, but we have subsequently explained to all parents that they will not be given authorised holidays within term time unless there is a very good reason for it,' she said."

A spokesman from the Campaign for Real Education goes quite a bit farther than a hint.
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