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From the Delphi forum that I visit (a lot)

NinjaGent is a Southern Conservative and JohnnyThunders is a Liberal Californian - these two (really most everyone and Gent) go at it frequently. This short exchange has me bursting out laughing each time I read it. The subject "Ronald Reagan" within the subject "steering the Presidential ship" - Gent said how RR was the only President in the last "X" years who did. And so .....:

From: Automotive Proctologist (JnnyThndrs) Jan-31 10:47 pm
To: NinjaGent (MrAGENT)
23657.36 in reply to 23657.12

Yeah...Reagan steered the SHIT out of that ship - you could tell by his myriad "Uhhh...I can't remember" answers when grilled on Oliver North.

He should probably be ranked right above Captain Hazelwood and below Captain Bligh on the Worst Fucking Navigators Ever list.


From: NinjaGent (MrAGENT) Jan-31 11:29 pm
To: Automotive Proctologist (JnnyThndrs)
23657.42 in reply to 23657.36

Won the Cold War, didn't he?


From: Automotive Proctologist (JnnyThndrs) 12:23 am
To: NinjaGent (MrAGENT)
23657.43 in reply to 23657.42

Yeah, he just ran out there with the chimp by his side and his hair shielding him from the flying shrapnel and WON THAT FUCKING WAR all by his lonesome, didn't he?



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