pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Because this should be linked everywhere (brought to my attention via lupagreenwolf)

Remember my Pagan friends all the warnings we've given to herbal newbies about how herbs are drugs, and natural =/= safe. I think I've found one of the places that give the newbies these ideas. Here is a book review done by orthaevelve and the link is here: http://orthaevelve.livejournal.com/46475.html

Here is an excerpt from the review: "Common warnings are also not mentioned about plants in the lists of herbs. An example is the recommendation of Choke Cherry for birth pains without the mention that its sour taste comes from a large percentage of cyanide that could easily damage a fetus. Parvati [the author of the offensive book] also recommends Comfrey for ingestion, when as far as I know, the FDA has it listed as being a POISON if used internally, and for external use only." <---------- This is from the book "Hygeia: A Woman's Herbal".

I would hope 99% of the adult population knows enough to check other sources prior to attempting medical intervention via herbal treatments they read about in one book. (I played the game Operation as a child, can I do surgery on you??) I feel for the other 1%, may they rest in peace.
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