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LOLCats Bibul Translation

Discovered courtesy of musiquephan

Deuteronomy 1:

  1. oh hai I is deutronomy and this is transcripshin of words mozes sed to ppl in the desert. k here they are:
  2. first I tells u it is 11 days to go from horeb to kadesh cuz of sum montins. 4 sum reson u shud no this. k, now start 4 real:
  3. On november 1st, 40, mozes was transl8n 4 ceiling cat, cuz ceiling cat wuz tellin ppl what 2 do
  4. k wait i forgot 2 tell u, but this is after mozes killed some kings that were making him angry. k, no moar intrupshins:
  5. k wait again, btw they were in a place calld moab (sry). neway, mozes was tellin a story to sum ppl about his advencher with them. mayb they were forgetful, cuz they were there too, even I was there sept i forget so u need to listn to mozes instid, here he is, take it away mozes:
  6. "K, so it starts off when ceiling cat says u guys r on this meowntin 4 too long
  7. "so u can has jurnee and go a diffrint montin. Is called amorites. also u shud go to youfrates river. and even further. just gtfo the montin ffs.

Here it is
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