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How appropriate!

I come home from our group Samhain ritual. (And I was quite pleased with how it went!) and I see my f'list. A friend, musiquephan has updated her journal with a Blessing Generator message. I click the link and this is mine:

May you see Spirit twinkling in the eyes of all today,
and humble tranquillity inspire your words.
The world has become small so that our hearts may become large.
  Walk  and envision.

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Oct. 30th, 2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
How was the Samhain ritual? Our group had its first Samhain ritual Sunday night, and it was really great.
Oct. 31st, 2007 01:32 pm (UTC)
It was a good ritual. I was grateful to lead it though couldn't participate in the guided meditation, but I recorded it on my computer and burnt it to a CD so I can do it myself today. We have an open to all CUUPs group so anyone can join us for a Sabbat at any time. Because of this we get all levels of experience, all trads or not, and it must stay fairly "light". (Our closed group can go deeper and it is not a CUUPs group, but we generally do the full moons. I would really like to do the meditation in the closed group.)

Anyway, the meditation was about 13 minutes front to back to allow for people with less experience to not get too deep they had trouble though I watched everyone to be certain they were coming back. I was wary of going longer, but in retrospect I could have gone longer by a few minutes without trouble I think. (learning curve.)

In times past our Samhain has been very celebratory, more Reclaiming style. This one was more solemn because of my head space this year. I had a Spirit table in the center wth a shrouded chair. People were invited to bring mementos of their beloved dead and set them on the table. The table was decorated with dried petals, two white candles dressed with blessing oil and I had frankincense and myrrh incense that I ground burning on it. The altars were shrouded.

We smudged, cast the circle, called quarters, and opened the West Gate. We called who we wished to meet with by dropping a spoonful of powder into a cauldron of water (the concoction fizzed) and this was merely to help the mind transition to our meditation. We did the guided meditation, I had a brief reading on remembering our beloved dead then I closed the West Gate before we shared our experiences (share if you wish, not if you don't), then cakes and ale. Dismiss, open, go home.

Like I said, it was more quiet and low key than in times past. The focus was seeking answers or help from whatever spirit you called to join you. Most people said how much they enjoyed the rite - well, enjoyed may be the wrong word - but it went well I think. It is hard at times to be objective.

I imagine next year whoever runs it will be more in celebratory mindset which I have greatly enjoyed in times past. Samhain for me is all about the thinning of the veil and opportunity to learn rather than the focus on closing the old year and starting the new one. Assbackwards that I am I put that sort of focus more on Yule.

Probably way more than you were asking for so I'll stop now. ;-)

How did you do your Samhain ritual, if you can say?
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