pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2007

Today is a hard one - hell, this whole project has been harder than other years. Last year this project began right about the time my mum was declared cancer-free. The fact that she was dead less than 2 months after the project ended is an irony that never leaves me.

Okay so - here and now - I got some things accomplished today. This is Good. My son is done hating me for the moment. Also Good. Also a bit of luck in that, too, as he'd lost the hate and retrieved it last night after his B-12 injection in which I did a less than perfect job of it. Hell, I haven't done an IM injection since 1983 or '84 and this is why the ped doc always did it, but since we're doing one a month for three months I "get" to do it, son's choice. Well, perhaps not after yesterday. :P~ Anyway, shot was fine, but after-pain in his arm was more than when the doc does it. Either he'll forgive me in a month or I'll take him in and watch rather than going on a brief verbal reminder of "how to" as was done yesterday. I didn't see him this morning before school, but after school he was his usual happy self. So, there's your gratitude.
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