pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2007

Yestrday - for a fun shopping trip with my daughter for my niece's baby shower. I do love shopping for baby showers! We overspent as we always do, but hey - it is her first kid!

Today - For a lovely though a bit-too-cool-just-yet day for us to put on the opening rite for Pittsburgh's PPD. It was held at a new venue, rather far out from city and I'm afraid that may have worked against it, but --- the woman who volunteered to organize it did it cose to where she lives. It is a very pretty little park with lots of space, a small lake/large pond and our purpose was outreach which we accomplished.

And .... I ordered a cloak. It will be ready for Samhain. Yes!
Tags: gratitude_project07

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