pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Weird questions

1) Can you write on rice paper with a pencil or pen (which?) and does it dissolve in water?

2) Any idea which cars resist rust the best? I'm thinking of getting a new car. It will need to last *at least* 10 years. I would still have access to my lovely oldsmobile cutlass cierra had my son not totalled within a week of us giving it to him. :-( Damn good car, damn few repairs - in fact only one that fell outside of standard maintenance. It sadly was not crashproof during hydroplaning. It was the only new, as in not used, car I ever had. The one I have now and I like it muchly is a Chevy Malibu, BUT it is only 6 years old and the door is rusting. The fucking DOOR and the damn thing is garage kept! Dave's THREE y/o truck is doing the same. We say "WTF?!?!" Rust this soon is pure bullshit.

So, pendamuse has a right loverly Aveo. You sit a tad higher than in a "regular" car and the ride is divine. I looked it up online - good price, nice options, excellent safety and gas mileage. Damn 4 cylinder (which explains the gas mileage). So, we were talking with hardly_angelic who is thinking of purchasing a Yaris. Ugly but cute, all the good things of the Aveo, but damn! Four cyls!! Can they not make a 6 cyl? I live on hills! Steep ones! Pulling out into traffic on a steep hil is not worth the heart attack of a 4 cyl. Everyone must lean forward when going uphill to help the thing get up the hill. ***pout** So, car dilemna. The 2008 Malibu looks like everything I want except I worry about it rusting out because of he 2001.

Hyundai supposedly developed a metal that resists rust for 20 years. I can't find one of their car maodels listing that as the metal though. Maybe it isn't yet available.
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