pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2007

Yesterday - really happy for a semi-slow day at work so my body has a chance to heal from that 3 week onslaught of ill.

Today - that some people's families are more fucked up than mine. My friend's aunt died and they found out via a letter from the church stating my friend's mother's body was going to be excavated and moved catty corner to the other slot so the aunt could be buried in the other space. It was her *cough* dying wish. WTF!!?!?!!? The cousins are *suing* to have my friend's mother's body moved, what - 6 feet diagonally? - even though my friend's mother has *been dead and buried for twenty years*. Again - WTF?!?!!?!!?? Lawyers have been retained, the informal meeting done, and now the wait for a mediation, arbitration, or whatever. The mind just boggles.
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