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Gratitude Project 2007

Gratitude catch up:

8/28/07: Tuesday I was grateful for less tooth pain, and only taking extra pain meds once instead of twice. Also, for arriving safely in Detroit, amid rush hour traffic (my "fault" we left later than planned).

8/29/07: Herb shopping! Woot! Food, wine and fun with pendamuse and her hubby, Doug. More on the trip in a later post. Yes, I could be lying since I said the same about our Erie trip and never posted.

8/30/07: Grateful to be in my comfy bed last night. The mattress at the Travelodge was stiff as a board, but I didn't feel light as a feather. My hips and legs screamed all the way home sitting in the car, no matter how I adjusted the seat.

8/31/07 (today!): I was thinking of how if I'd had to drive home yesterday I'd still be pulled off on the side of the road in pain. My dear husband let me steal 3 days from his week's vacation to drive me to Detroit so he could listen to pendamuse and I talk witchy stuff, forum stuff, lj stuff, and some assorted other life stuff. He enjoys their company, and he got to talk politics (aka "how the government screws us every which way) with Doug - yay for me!! I always look for the upside to government screwing and Dave prefers I shut up and nod along with him. Doug agrees with Dave's POV, so yay - I was saved from the conversation. Anyhoo - I am grateful for Dave, who trusts me when I say he will enjoy himself if he socializes more than saying hi to the mailman, and for doing all the driving when my body is broken.
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