pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2007

Yesterday I was grateful for a husband who said "Go to bed, I'll pick up the boy" even though he usually goes to bed before me and would miss sleep to do it. I've been feeling like shit for 4 days, body picked up something. I blamed the Chinese food until yesterday when I hurt all over like a fever was playing handball with my muscles and joints. As it was, "the boy" was done early and we both got to go to bed early (for me) and on time (for Dave). He lurves me! :-)

Today I am not awake enough to be grateful for much yet, but a decent night's sleep helped. Everything still aches and I work another open to close. I hope the day goes quickly - I  would be doubly grateful for that.
Tags: gratitude_project07

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