pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

50 Book Challenge

#8 - Bodhisattva of Compassion, The Mystical Tradition of Kuan Yin by John Blofeld

A scholarly book on Kuan Yin with a lot of history packed into such a small volume. I stumbled over many words (there is glossary in the back) because their form, pronunciation, and meaning were alien to me, a Buddhist virgin. I've no inclination to follow a Buddhist path from reading it, but it was very enriching and I'm glad I waded through it. It was not dry reading and the author was very honest in stating what was opinion versus accepted history. When he drew his own conclusions he stated why and from what sources his ideas came and how/why he changed the usual interpretations (if he did). I would strongly recommend this to someone called by Kuan Yin whether you choose to follow a Buddhist path or not.
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