pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Wierdness that is me

I love asking questions - lots of them, about most anything. I have no issue with answering them, either - it is a two way street. I do however at times ask too many. I've joked about it IRL and in people's journals. I have tried to temper it a hair, but mainly the people I poke with questions have enough balls to tell me to stop if it is too much or just quit answering. I don't need to be hit in the head - I can take hints. Go me!

Questions to narrow the focus to be able to give the most accurate information or advice to someone is essential. It carries over into other areas though. Reluctant children who insisted all info be dragged out of them similar to pulling teeth, customers where we are required to ask a whole slot of questions to figure out what they want/need/are willing to buy. My long ago social work training ... it all ties in. You see?

A couple of weeks ago I took my grandson to the doctor because he had sinusitis. While we were waiting, him quite impatiently because his gameboy battery lost its charge, he mentions that he could not get to sleep until 1 a.m. the night before. Me - "Was it because you were sick?" Him: "I don't know." Me: "Were you scared?" Him: "No." Me: "Why do think then?" Him: "I don't know." Me (now reverting to my toddler imitation which is a weird family thing we do to make the other giggle): "But why?" Him: "I don't know." Me: "Butttt .... wwhhhyyyy?????"

Clearly being sick has robbed him not only of his memory for this game, but his sense of humour as well. He digs the heels of his little hands into his eyes and exclaims: "Why do you always ask me some many questions??!??" Me: Hurt, offended, horrified and yet finding it incredibly funny I think, "Gee. I wonder if everyone else is my life feels the same way, but it too polite to say while wishing to just dig the heels of their hands into their eye sockets?" I of course immediately shut up. I did not show my hurt because he didn't mean to hurt me and tough cookies, truth hurts sometimes, ya know? I relayed this hilarious scenario to my family members including my question about others' desire to dig the heels of their hands in while wishing I would just STFU. Do you know they all laughed, but not one of them said, "Oh no! Your incessant questions are fine!" The bastids.

This little memory trigger was brought on by a fellow LJ-er who created a post specifically stating - "Go ahead! Ask me questions about >
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