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How cool for Pittsburgh!


Dorothy Morrison and M.R. Sellars

Double Double, Here Comes Trouble

Spring , 2007 Tour

Dorothy Morrison and M.R. Sellars will swoop into MoonStones... to sign
some books, teach what promises to be a fantabulous class and schmooze
with the Pagan populace of Pittsburgh on May 22, 2007! We couldnt be
more geeked about this and would love to have you share in the geekness!

Festivities begin at 6pm. There is limited space for the class
itself.While pre-registration is not neccesary- it is recommended. Cost
of the class is $25. Topic? "Magick In The Trenches:No Fluff, No
Sparkle, Just Results..."

Morrison has authored numerous books (11), two of which have received
much coveted COVR awards. Examples- "In Praise of the Crone: A
Celebration of Feminine Maturity", "The Craft", and "Bud, Blossom and
Leaf, The Magical Herb Gardener's Handbook" as well as the very well
received "Everyday..." series.

M.R. Sellars is responsible for the hugely succesful Rowan Gant
Investigation Series, Pagan suspense-thrillers at their best!

We will be doing book signing from 6-7pm,class follows from 7-8pm with
schmoozing to follow.

For more info and to hear the geekiness 1st hand-call 412-343-MOON

MoonStones... 1517 Potomac Ave Dormont, Pa 15216
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