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Where *is* the Love, Light, & Lollipop Brigade??

I'm tired of shadow work. Give me some llloooovvvvveeee ..... whitey-flighty-lighty sugar plum faeries and lovey dovey always sweetness and caring Goddess moments! How come all those fluffies get the good stuff? Where's my happy happy joy joy? Damn.

Ah well, I was doing shadow work decades before I found the label pagan. I actually used to think everyone worked on their shadows, confronted the dark corners of their soul in order to grow, to become, to be. How silly of me. So many are content to just drift on the surface of their life, surf the upper layer of their spirit, making barely a scratch in their fragile shell of self. So little a mark they leave they are even unaware of how fragile a nature they possess. Eh, so be it, that is their right, same as it is mine to face the nasty gnashing snarling beasties that reside within.

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