pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

The other update

I cleaned more than one room in the house today. No biggie, right? Yes it is. Since I've been running between 2 houses for almost a year now both have gotten a lick and a promise more than any sort of normal "good" cleaning. Just as a reference, I hate to clean, but I do it because I hate filth more. I've learned in this past year just how much dirt I can tolerate (more than I thought) and how driven I can be when it reaches beyond tolerance (accessory tools on the vacuum used).

So today the idea was sweep and wash the kitchen floor and clean the regular bath and the powder room. So in the interest of getting all the dust and cat hair I pull out the vacuum instead of the broom and *attach the tools*. Wwwooooooooo..... Then I just get nuts, because Hey, if I put in the effort of the *tools* I am damn well going to make it worth it. I use the crevice tool so I have to go slowly or I won't get it all. I use the fucking crevice tool for the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and parts of the living room floor. What should have been fairly quick, edges with the tools, middle with the broom on the hardwood, vacuum on the rug, becomes long and drawn out. But - both skinny pieces of floor on either side of the fridge, clean. Under the stove, clean. Baseboards, under the computer table, under the little chest in the hallway, clean. All edges and corners of the bathroom, clean. Edges in the living room including behind the TV, clean. Under the cushion of Dave's chair, all around both ottomans, cat hair gone! The tiny spaces between the back slats of the dining room chairs, clean! Both bathrooms do get cleaned, the kitchen floor washed, and I run the dust rag around the living room, dining room, and bedroom - go me! My laptop stays on and connected throughout. I randomly check email, lj, and a forum or two. It appears I never leave the computer - ha! I did, and I cleaned. Hell, I even cooked dinner, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned up after dinner. I was quite productive on my day off.

Now I'm left to wonder how much time which it take to reach my maximum tolerance level of dirt again, how many licks & promises before the next deep clean? Maybe this will be the beginnning of me getting back into the swing of things. Probably not though. I do so hate cleaning and for the next 2 years I still have two houses to keep clean.
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