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Happy New Year to my flist

May all your wishes and dreams for 2007 materialize and ease your path this year.

I'm torn with being happy it ia a new year this year, but the holidays have been "off" for me so I'm no judge. I was ill prepared for how I would feel even though I thought I was well prepared. The wrapping up of my mum's estate continues at a snail's pace. Everything has 3 or 4 steps to it when it seems there should be only one. And everything that gets transferred out of my mum's name makes me feel like I am erasing her a little bit more. I guess the proof of our existence (to those outside of one's loved ones circle ) is in how many places out name appears in connection with our daily life. Or so it seems as her name is removed from everything, the house, the utilities, the bank accounts, etc. Yesterday was another BAMGRIEF! day and I've found them so unpredictable.

I did the memories of our beloved dead notecards in the stocking. Kevin was too squicked by the idea and didn't write one and being in the bright chipper mood that I was, I said, "Fine. Future generations don't need *your* memories." He remained steadfast in his refusal. I just need to buy the scrapbooking things to start the family memorial album. This will be a good thing. :-)

Typical husband of mine - I mentioned I wanted to take out VHS tapes that we'd done for several years at the holidays on our VHS camera to a place that puts them on DVD. So dh decided his gift this year would be a DVD recorder and a VHS converter so this could be done at home by him. *shakes head* His gift will in turn be a gift to me. Such a sweet guy. He did one rough quick copy. I cannot tell you how much it means now to have the voices of my parents on tape/DVD. I am verry happy about this.

New Year will be typical quiet for us, celebrating with our grandson while our daughter goes out. Our grandson considers his NYE celebration to *be* "Grandma & Grandpa's house" because he has done it every year. Heh. We eat crap, drink, and watch the ball drop. This child will have very low expectations for NYE in his adult life. This is likely a good thing.

Happy New Year!
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