pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2006

On this last day for the project of this year I find that I have more gratitude than the days of the project alloted for. This is a good thing. There were days when it was a stretch and days that it was too easy, but overall life is good, if hectic.

Today I am grateful that the visit to my mother's oncologist brought good news. Once again no cancer on the CT's. Not one tiny suspicious spot. This doc went from believing something would show (apparently within 6 months) to now believing it would probably not. She does not have to do the tests again for 6 months, instead of three! WOOT! (It figures that the *one* appointment I must work through was the good news one, eh?) But YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Mum!!

So we get to breathe for 4 months between pulmonologist visits, still the 3 for the neurosurgeon but you know... but we are up to 6 months with the oncologist and radiation guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very grateful. Perhaps now she will believe that the worst is over and start moving forward. And - room to breathe! And .............. YAY!!!!!

Thanks to all who've prayed, lit candles, sent energy, and just kept us in your thoughts. I cannot express the amount of I have for that. *wipes tears* Seriously.

Now get out of here until next year's project. :P~
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