pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2006

Not henna project!! (Sorry, joke for Lily.)

Today I am grateful for the almighty credit card. My laptop is once again breaking, same time as last year - must hate fall. After 3 years, last year it bit the dust and was repaired for $300. Same symptoms this year (I was hoping to get 3 more years out of the $300 - silly me!), but I am not going to feed it $300/year. So, I ordered a new laptop, a Macbook, the next generation of iBook and have been trying to transfer some files to the desktop, which is a slower computer than the iBook. Course, the iBook was pretty fast.

Anyhow, everything is taking forever, so it will be a few days of bring forwarding, backing up, and fun stuff like that. I'm going to firewire the entire iBook to the desktop before it goes completely so I *might* be able to transfer at least some of it back to the macbook when it arrives. I got the least expensive of the macbooks, and even that is more than I need. I hope it lasts longer than 3 years. Mac desktops do not break in 3 years so I do not think laptops should either!

Yay to credit cards! Here is the one I bought: macmall site

Ignore all typos, this keyboard is hard to type on.
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