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50 book challenge

#6 - Paganism by Vivian Crowley

Oh, they should all be this short! "Paganism" by Vivian Crowley is an overview of Paganism, the eight Sabbats, some Gods and Goddesses, and very general info. Under 100 pages it is a First Directions book published by Thornsons which apparently does a lot of these. It is ... light, but pretty decent. It reads to me more like a book to give to non-Pagans who are curious about what we do rather than a book to give to someone who is contemplating following a similar spiritual path. For someone who thinks they are pulled to Paganism I would recommend "Paganism" by Joyce and River Higginbotham as it is more detailed and it forces you to question throughout the book and look honestly at your beliefs. Crowley's book is more to give to the relative who thinks your a devil-worshipper and you want to set them right. ;-) For people already on the path it offers no new info.
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