pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project 2006

Today I am grateful for henna. Even with the coffee subbed for water it is pretty damn red. I don't like the way I look in red (think dead, see how it rhymes?), but auburn is usually a color that draws compliments from others.

Wish I could find the post (went through Mattie's archives, that makes 2 people's archives in one sitting) where Mattie explained the mixing of it. I think it said things about grittiness, etc. Mine was very very griity so I don't think I mised it well enough of had the coffee hot enough, or both. It was so thinck with grit I had to keep adding more and trying to stir. Plus, the 4 ounces of pwder appeared to be about double what I needed. I eventually watered it down to a thin liquid and recoated all of my hair, then literally dipped my hair down into the watery dregs to coat with at least a bit. 'Twas an experience I expect to get better at, especially after Mattie reads this and regives her tips! LOL
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