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"The daughter of a woman I work with is getting married, and has entered a contest to win a wedding in Las Vegas.

Normally I wouldn't do something like this for a stranger, but I found out about this because the woman emailed EVERYONE in my company asking us all to vote - doing that may actually get her fired! That much love and devotion to her daughter deserves a prize, I think, and that prize might as well be a wedding in Las Vegas for her daughter.

So if you feel like helping as well, go to http://country101.ca/ and click on the graphic near the bottom of the page for the Las Vegas Wedding Contest, then vote for Jennifer and Andrew.

Check it out! They made a snow cake! That's pretty cool, too.

Pass this on, if you like. I'd be highly, highly amused if they won by, like, thousands of votes, and had no idea who voted for them. :)"


Y'know what? Vote and crosspost.
Consider it your random act of kindness for the month. Call it a glamour touch or a touch of niceness or whatever y'd like. Crosspost it to your own LJ if you vote, but don't spam communities [unless you own 'em].
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