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Fifth Trinity Church Revival

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Update Notes: (1) [community profile] fifthtrinity at Dreamwidth now exists; I've ported the entries here over to there, and I'll be updating there, (by which I mean here) not here (by which I mean over there at LJ), in the future.

(2) I'm restarting the process of getting legal recognition for Fifth Trinity Church. Have decided to do this the hard way - with a legal incorporation - instead of the minimal way, which is "when you declare you have a chuch, *poof* you have a church, until someone challenges your tax status and then you might have to play paperwork games." I'm getting the paperwork games out of the way up front.

Continued at link.
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Reblog from elf

elf (</a></b></a>elf) wrote2015-09-02 08:38 am 

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"Assistant" means "female," right?

All four of the major "digital assistant" programs--Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Now--have female voices. Google Now used to have a male British voice, but a while back, it switched to an American female, with no option to return. They want you to think of the programs as a person--and that hypothetical person is female.

Because when you're giving orders to an automaton that has no choice but to follow them to the best of its ability, it should code as female, right? Wouldn't want people thinking a baritone-voice Brooklyn accent would carry out your commands all day. Wouldn't want people giving commands to what sounds like a man who works as a California newscaster--myghods, they might get into the habit of giving orders to anyone who sounds like that!

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 From [personal profile] elf </span>

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Wage Gaps, Reconsidered

One of the comments in The Thread (and that's how I'll be thinking of it for a while) mentioned the possibility of rethinking the wage gap: "how different they would look if the lowest paid workers (Latinas in this case) were $1.00 and everyone else was marked as overpaid."

Source: The Wage Gap, by Gender and Race
Find median annual earnings of black men and women, Hispanic* men and women, and white women as a percentage of white men's median annual earnings
Year: 2013
White men: 1.00
Black men: 0.751
Hispanic men: 0.672
White women: 0.78
Black women: 0.64
Hispanic women: 0.54

*Their word, not mine.

Median annual earnings of white men and women, black men and women, and Hispanic men as a percentage of Hispanic women's median annual earnings:
Hispanic women: 1.00
Black women: 1.185
White women: 1.444
Hispanic men: 1.244
Black men: 1.391
White men: 1.852

The proper phrasing isn't "Latina women make just over half what white men make." It's "White men get paid almost double what Latina women get paid." Followed by, "What are they doing for your company that's worth 185% of the money you'd pay a Latina woman for the same job? Are your shareholders aware that you're paying white men more than you pay other demographics of employees--are they happy that you're wasting money like this? Especially considering that they're over-represented in the high-income tiers?"

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Pagans in Solidarity

 We at Bone and Briar stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of colour during this time of horrid behaviour by people in authority. We grieve with Mike Brown’s family and the family of Eric Garner. We grieve with the family of Tamir Rice. Mostly we grieve our nation falling short again and again when it comes to equality.

We are white and we know the privilege we possess because of that. We work to mitigate the effects of that privilege in our daily lives. We also speak up and speak out – in our families, in our neighborhoods, and in our community. We show up and we ask all of our Reclaiming/Feri kith and kin to do the same. Pagans of Colour have a difficult struggle in our own communities, when in the company of their co-religionists, which is the last place that they should struggle so. Out in the world they face the same racism and the same fears of harm and death experienced by all people of colour for the crime of Walking While Not being White.

We at Bone and Briar ask all of our Pagan communities to stand with Pagans and non-Pagans of colour in support of their voices. We ask that you use your voice to post to your communities. We ask that you attend the protests occurring across our nation, carry signs, get the word out to your neighbors, and take your place at the edges of the protest if you are white. We ask that you stand in silent solidarity at these protests except when asked to join in chants. We ask when you are in community with PoC to allow their voices to be heard. Let’s face it, our white voices are heard all over this country every single day. If a news crew steps up to you for an interview, step out of the way and let your black and brown sisters and brothers speak. It’s been their turn to speak for a long time now.

We will be supporting this cause here in Pittsburgh. We call on you to join us in your home communities.

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Whine about no results on your blog. Two days later see noticeable results. Will implement this High Magic™ for other useful things. :-D

(And continue the walking, 10 miles/week.)

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Walking in the park

This area of the country has blessed us with an extra large dose of humidity even here and especially for June. I started walking right at the end of May. I chose a flat route since walking in the past has been thwarted by hills. Correction. Motivation for consistently walking has been thwarted by hills. The humidity is trying to hard to replace the hills in thwarting power, but I'm drowning it in the buckets of sweat it produces. I was walking 6 miles a week. I feel better. However, another piece of walking was that I wanted to change the shape of my body. I have loved myself enough in this shape and I want my older version back. I'll accept the gravity effects of age (as if I had a choice, bless you gravity for not letting me fly off into eternal space), but the fat can bugger off. I was hoping after a month the scale would budge even a little (okay, I wanted a LOT), but as the weeks went on with no change I settled for "a little" telling myself all along that the numbers my stay the same, but my clothes will fit differently. Yet that has not occurred, either. Even with smaller food portions. Even with appropriate sleep. No wonder people get discouraged. :/

So I had choices. I could stop wasting time walking as it isn't doing squat for the body goals I have. I could lower my expectations. Or I could change what I was doing. The first one (though enticing) would eliminate what is making me feel better, plus it is summer and walking in the park is lovely. The second choice, while perhaps reasonable and a nice trick for my brain, will only sap away motivation as things remain the same. So I opted for the last choice. So this week instead of 6 miles I walked 10 miles. 

We shall see.

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TAKE BACK THE WORD BEAUTIFUL. Oops, nope, sorry you can't. Let us instead cave to Madison Ave's definition and use other words because ... um, because a guy said we should. I've read plenty of pro-women posts by men, but this is not one of them. First, he pretends to speak about all the humans, but when he gives examples of beauty and why the word beautiful should go away along with the phrase "everyone is beautiful" he defaults to only speaking about women. And he starts it early. And he gets to decide that blemishes, warts, or hair loss automatically put you in the "not beautiful" category. Because he said so. I bet he calls himself a feminist. I bet he considers his worldview to be global. Neither is true. Men who are feminists or allies of feminists don't tell women which words and phrases they should embrace and why. And they research their articles better. He mentions American Apparel's no photoshop marketing, but when he sarcastically (this part he got right) mentions the diversity in the Dove's real women campaign he fails to mention that Dove's RW photo has been "shopped". 

His viewpoint is not only very Euro-centric in his definitions of beauty and why we should stop saying everyone is so, but there is an extra dose of USA centricity in there just for fun. He uses the word "world" in reference to why we should not find beauty in everyone when he only means USA based* on his examples. You know, like World Series, except it is not. And then he tells us we should just chuck our fight against it**, give in, accept that Madison Ave and the USA culture has won, we've lost, and pick some other phrase from a set he's deemed way more better. Thanks, maaaaaan. So happy to find you know what's best for the world based on your privileged US-centric view.

*gag* Enough already. Monitor your gender's feel good phrases, not everyone else's.

The post is here.

*But the fact is, we don’t own the word. The world owns the word, and to the world, “beauty” is physical attractiveness and nothing more.
**So what can we do to overthrow the system once and for all?....Honestly, nothing. You and I can’t take on corporations and multibillion-dollar industries on our own.<----Oooooo, solidarity!

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